UNDERGROUND BBQ CHALLENGE is an hour-long competition series that pits neighborhood versus neighborhood, all in the name of home turf pride and extreme eats. Guided by Chef G. Garvin, we'll cross the country to find America's most extreme grill masters, the coolest neighborhoods, and the most delicious grilled or smoked meat dishes. Every episode will feature two candidates - and their trusted sidekicks - from one city. These two teams of BBQ fanatics will have to prove they've got the chops to represent their neighborhood with the tastiest, most creatively cooked and presented BBQ. Just hours before serve time, G. Garvin will spring a Wildcard Ingredient on each team, adding drama and chaos to the competition. G. and two local judges will decide which neighborhood's dish will win the Underground BBQ Challenge and the $10,000 prize.

Number of seasons Total episodes
1 8

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